Friday, 15 February 2019

Anouk East meets West gift-sets on sale

Dear Anouk friends,
So, without further delay, presenting the new East meets West gift-set. 
Fabulous promo movie by Cristian Gradín showcasing the dolls and accessories:
There are two dolls per set. And there are two choices:
Set A
Blonde doll in orange and white dress.
Redhead doll in black and gold kimono.
Set B
Redhead doll in yellow and white dress.
Black haired doll in white and gold kimono.
As ever, I'm offering them to this group first. If anybody is interested please send me a message at

They are extremely limited and will be sold on first come, first serve basis. I've tried hard to keep this set at an affordable price, so they are $295 per two doll set.
Thank you everyone😊

Alors, sans plus tarder, nous vous présentons le nouvel ensemble-cadeau Est et Ouest.
Film promotionnel fabuleux de Cristian Gradín présentant les poupées et accessoires:
Il y a deux poupées par set. Et il y a deux choix:
Set A
Poupée blonde en robe orange et blanche.
Poupée rousse en kimono noir et or.
Set B
Poupée rousse en robe jaune et blanche.
Poupée aux cheveux noirs en kimono blanc et or.
Comme toujours, je les offre d'abord au groupe. Si quelqu'un est intéressé s'il vous plaît envoyez-moi un message. Ils sont extrêmement limités et seront vendus selon le principe du premier arrivé, premier servi. J'ai essayé de garder cet ensemble à un prix abordable, donc il nous a coûté 295 dollars.
Merci tout le monde

For all enquiries contact Nav at

Saturday, 2 February 2019

Sunday, 27 January 2019

Anouk: East meets West gift-set

Here is the artwork for the soon to be released deluxe giftset. It will feature 2 Anouk dolls, and a western dress, and eastern Kimono.

 Here are some drafts of the box before, Fokke Hoekman, my graphic designer and I designed the final version.

The final version of the packaging.

There are two options:

Set A
Blond doll in orange and white dress, and redhead in black kimono.

Set B
Redhead in yellow and white dress, and Raven haired doll in gold and white kimono.

The dolls also will have a pretty, new light tan skin tone. There will be a promo film soon too.

Monday, 31 December 2018

Happy New Year!

Let me take this opportunity bti wish all friends of Anouk a very happy, healthy, and prosperous new year.
Anouk is off to a glamorous party! See you all next year!🍾👍🏻

Monday, 24 December 2018

Merry Christmas

Dear all, it's time to wish you all a happy Christmas, and thank you all for your support this year.

There will be lots of exciting new things from Anouk in the new year: an "East meets West" themed giftset in January, and series 4 will be released in Spring 2019.
Untill then, happy holidays😊

Thursday, 15 November 2018

OOAK Anouk dolls on sale now

I have now listed the OOAK dolls on eBay. I have sold 4 of them, because I received an offer I could not refuse. In fact I had an offer on all of them, but to be fair to others who expressed interest, I have listed most on eBay.
There is also a very special ooak version of the Cocktail Party gift-set. This festfeat a red head doll, and a gold verdive of the outfit. Only one piece, and totally unique.
Good luck to those who decide to bid. Copy and paste the link below or search eBay for "Anouk doll". My eBay seller ID is navsikand2bvj: