Sunday, 15 October 2017

Anouk series 3 Publicity

Anouk would not be Anouk without her accompanying publicity in authentic vintage style. Here are two that I worked on. Not prefect but a good start. I will work up more ideas and also do English language versions. Series 3 is now on sale!

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Monday, 2 October 2017

Anouk series 3

So finally, all components of series 3 have arrived. I have been busy styling, dressing, and packaging up all the pre order dolls. That is 70+ dolls! I really do appreciate the patience of all who pre ordered their dolls weeks ago. They will be with you soon.

The first thing to do was to construct the lovely posing stands, which are a new addition with series 3.

Anouk stands to attention on her lovely stands.
Next I had to divide all the lovely little accessories into the individual sets.

Next to dress and style the dolls themselves.

It has been a long process. But we are nearly there now😊

Monday, 21 August 2017

Series 3, introduced on

Series 3 has been introduced in a fabulous photoshoot by Ernesto Padro Campos, and his blog.
The beautiful photos have to be seen to be believed. You can view the article here:

Here is a little taster:

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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Series 3 booklet

So I have been beavering away, working on the booklets for series 3, Anouk en Vacances.
It is finally ready and in print as we speak. I feel it is a good introduction to the new series and is a mixture of original artwork and photographic shots.
Thanks to Fokke Hoekman for formatting the files for print, and for the great layout of the back cover.
Hopefully all will be ready for ordering very soon.

The front cover featuring Anouk's "Vacances" outfit.
The print ready files of the whole booklet
A peek inside, and series 1 and 2 booklets in the background
From left to right: series 1, 2, and 3 booklets

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Anouk's new look

To accompany the new outfits for series 3, the dolls will have a significant updating. Their facial screening will be more vivid. Dark eyebrows that have been extended, and more importantly a darker pink and fuller mouth.
There will be two new shades: Raven Black, and a Pale Blonde with silver highlights replaces the previous Champagne Blonde. The Black Anouk dolls will also sport the new Raven shade instead of the previous Brunette. There will be a return of the long haired Titian who was absent from series 2, Anouk in Japan.

A new short side part flip hairstyle and a long high ponytail will be the new looks. Inspired by the likes of Natalie Wood, Sandra Dee, Sylvie Vartan, Sharon Tate, Ann-Margaret, Jane Fonda etc. Style icons of their day. Some images below to give you an idea what influenced these choices and what you can expect to see Anouk series 3 sporting...

Sharon Tate

Sandra Dee

Jane Fonda


Natalie Wood

Sylvie Vartan

Sunday, 9 July 2017

The Anouk Atelier

Sun hats for Anouk's "Pique-nique" #0039 get their red ribbon ties sewn in
Production is now in full swing on Series 3 Anouk "En Vacances" The Sal Penney and Rosina Haskell are feverishly sewing away, and carefully producing beautifully detailed outfits for our pleasure! Here is a glimpse of what is going on:

Cherbourg #0037

Double stitching belts

Dresses get lined

Lovely double breasted coats take shape

Frissons de Moscou #0038

Lycée de Londres #0041

Vacances #0042

Cocktail #0046

Finally, the exquisite little accessories that will be part of series 3. A wine bottle and glass, sun glasses, purses, hats, pendants, binoculars, cameras, passports and more!

Influences on Anouk , Series 3

With Series 3 well into production, I thought I would give some glimpses into the things that have influenced the collection. There are some quintessential looks from the 60s, quite iconic. The outfits will range from formal, evening wear, cocktail dresses and casual, play wear. Sweaters, hats, socks, galmorous to casual, it will feature it all:

And here are my design sketches for the final collection. I'm sure you can see elements of all the images above. A nice wide range of outfits. The theme is Anouk " En Vacances" A high school French teenager, studying in London, on her summer holidays, travelling around Europe. Having fun sightseeing, boating and attending some of her first formal parties and nightclubs in exciting European capitals!

left: "Cherbourg" , and on the right "Frissons de Moscou"

left to right: "Pique-nique", "Helsinki", "Lycee a Londres", and "Vacances"

left to right:, "Berlin", "Rome", "Sortie", and "Cocktail"
Some dolls will be transitional dolls with a few outfits from series one and two. I have managed to source some exquisite little accessories for series 3 also.