Friday, 20 January 2017

Anouk in Japan - Print adverts

Gearing up for the release of the very special and limited edition " Anouk in Japan" dolls.  In preparation I designed and made these adverts. They are intended to call to mind those old vintage ads for the Japanese releases of Tammy, Francie and Barbie etc.
I made two versions. The first has an emphasis on the westernised fashions:

 The second gives prominence to the exquisite Kimonos that have been made for this line of dolls:

The background is the Olympic complex in Tokyo in 1964. A fitting backdrop for these ads I thought.

A special thank you and mention here, go to Kazuko Hosokawa who translated the text for me, and Fokke Hoekman who helped me to place Japanese text on the images.

Here are black and white versions:

The dolls will release at the end of January / early February 2017. I just received the booklets today which look fabulous! Stay tuned here or at the Facebook group and Flickr for more updates.

For all enquiries contact Nav at

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