Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Series 3 on eBay

I just listed some dolls on eBay to kick off the new year. One of each outfit of series 3, including a variant of Cherbourg and Berlin:

Just copy and paste the link in to your browser, or search eBay for " Anouk doll".
Seven have already sold, but there are 4 left.

The Cherbourg and Berlin outfits are variants of the earlier versions. The new Berlin has a lighter pink top and the skirt is now plain black Lurex.
Berlin is a lighter shade, the buttons are translucent, and the belt on the dress is now made of the same fabric as the dress.

You can of course, still order dolls directly from me at :
You can specify any doll and outfit combination you like ( see earlier post for choices)

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