Sunday, 9 July 2017

Influences on Anouk , Series 3

With Series 3 well into production, I thought I would give some glimpses into the things that have influenced the collection. There are some quintessential looks from the 60s, quite iconic. The outfits will range from formal, evening wear, cocktail dresses and casual, play wear. Sweaters, hats, socks, galmorous to casual, it will feature it all:

And here are my design sketches for the final collection. I'm sure you can see elements of all the images above. A nice wide range of outfits. The theme is Anouk " En Vacances" A high school French teenager, studying in London, on her summer holidays, travelling around Europe. Having fun sightseeing, boating and attending some of her first formal parties and nightclubs in exciting European capitals!

left: "Cherbourg" , and on the right "Frissons de Moscou"

left to right: "Pique-nique", "Helsinki", "Lycee a Londres", and "Vacances"

left to right:, "Berlin", "Rome", "Sortie", and "Cocktail"
Some dolls will be transitional dolls with a few outfits from series one and two. I have managed to source some exquisite little accessories for series 3 also.

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