Sunday, 9 July 2017

The Anouk Atelier

Sun hats for Anouk's "Pique-nique" #0039 get their red ribbon ties sewn in
Production is now in full swing on Series 3 Anouk "En Vacances" The Sal Penney and Rosina Haskell are feverishly sewing away, and carefully producing beautifully detailed outfits for our pleasure! Here is a glimpse of what is going on:

Cherbourg #0037

Double stitching belts

Dresses get lined

Lovely double breasted coats take shape

Frissons de Moscou #0038

Lycée de Londres #0041

Vacances #0042

Cocktail #0046

Finally, the exquisite little accessories that will be part of series 3. A wine bottle and glass, sun glasses, purses, hats, pendants, binoculars, cameras, passports and more!

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