Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Anouk's new look

To accompany the new outfits for series 3, the dolls will have a significant updating. Their facial screening will be more vivid. Dark eyebrows that have been extended, and more importantly a darker pink and fuller mouth.
There will be two new shades: Raven Black, and a Pale Blonde with silver highlights replaces the previous Champagne Blonde. The Black Anouk dolls will also sport the new Raven shade instead of the previous Brunette. There will be a return of the long haired Titian who was absent from series 2, Anouk in Japan.

A new short side part flip hairstyle and a long high ponytail will be the new looks. Inspired by the likes of Natalie Wood, Sandra Dee, Sylvie Vartan, Sharon Tate, Ann-Margaret, Jane Fonda etc. Style icons of their day. Some images below to give you an idea what influenced these choices and what you can expect to see Anouk series 3 sporting...

Sharon Tate

Sandra Dee

Jane Fonda


Natalie Wood

Sylvie Vartan

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