Saturday, 19 November 2016

Farewell Anouk!

Amazingly after all the hard work gone into producing her, I suddenly realise I have all but sold out of the first issue Anouk dolls. 300 dolls. Gone! A few had gone on trades and gifts etc but I am so happy with her popularity with collectors and success. About 90% were sold via her facebook club. I had only listed 14 dolls for sale on eBay. I do feel a little bad about this now, so I have listed the very last 5 dolls on eBay. I am so grateful to you all for your interest and support of Anouk. It has been an emotional but enjoyable experience.

These are the last five dolls I have for sale. They are the high colour dolls with updated hairstyles. I only did this on the last 30 or so dolls so they are extremely rare. For more information and pics:

Anouk says: Au Revoir tout!

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