Monday, 5 December 2016

A thank you and bye for now from Anouk and I!

So the last 5 dolls sold. I am so grateful and thrilled with her success. All the planning and hard work has paid off. At this point I would like to thank several people without whom Anouk would not be possible or the success she is today. They all contributed , be it practically, creatively and emotionally. In no particular order my sincere thanks go to:

Mark Preston
Marc Bouyssou
Dal Lowenbein
Dennis Beltran
Rosina Haskell
Debbie Farne Sang
Fokke Hoekman
Sylvie at Les Poupee D'autrefois shop

Ian Price Watkins
Patricia Henry
Ernestro Padro Campos
Julian Kalinowski
Bradley Justice Yarborough
Damon Powell
Randall Craig
Joanie DelVecchio (Mrs Ponytails)
Troy Horrisberger
Sylvie Rahmani
Lilly Fall
Irene Verne
Christine Cherieux
Veronique Gilbert
Sarah Sink Eames
Jane Medefesser
Thomas Bartholamew Maffei
Veronica Sikand

It has been a very interesting experience. People I expected nothing from have surprised me with their enthusiasm and kindness. People I thought I knew and would be helpful, turned out to be negative and disappointing. You never can tell!
But all in all it has been a wonderful and positive experience.
For Anouk fans, do not fear. She WILL return. I have plenty of ideas for next year. So watch this space and look forward to a new Anouk stepping out in 2017...
Till then, take care!

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