Thursday, 15 December 2016

Anouk separate outfits

 When I planned Anouk, it was always my hope to sell sesperate outfits for her.
Sadly it was not possible due to production and cost issues.
Now all the first issue dolls have been sold, I have some left over stock of about 30 outfits. I have packaged them up and I think they look fantastic.
I will be selling them in the new year. Price will likely be around $30- 40 each.

#0010 Capri
#008 Opera

#0013 Lingerie

#0011 Printemps

#0012 Trotteur

#007 Swim
 I will sell these via the Anouk Facebook group and eBay. I'm also working hard on the next line of dolls. Stat tuned!

The launch range of outfits.
For all enquiries please contact Nav at

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