Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Anouk's "Vintage" TV spot

The dolls used in the Video
I wanted Anouk to have a vintage style video. Like the B & W TV spots dolls like Francie, Barbie and, Tammy used to have.

With the help of my tech savvy niece Riya Spreadbury, we styled and photographed several first issue Anouk dolls and her launch wardrobe.

We then shot tonnes of footage. We knew we needed lots so we could edit later.
Next, the soundtrack. I knew I needed something iconic and evocative of Anouk's personality. A chic young French girl in 60s Paris. After considering many options I settled on the theme from the 1966 film Un Homme et une Femme. Not only did it star Anouk Aimée, it is probably one of the most evocative and famous pieces of music to come out of France in the 1960s.

The result below is extremely flawed. The dolls could have been better groomed. The background is untidy. The lighting is dark, and the editing needs work. But this was a first attempt to get to grips with what was possible with the editing software and effects. I still think it is cute, and worth showing, though next time it will be far better. I hope you enjoy it!

If you are in the US, click the Flickr links above to watch. The YouTube link below only works in Europe.

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