Sunday, 21 February 2016

Anouk: her evoloution

Two first issue prototype heads experimenting with lip shape.

 After flying out to the factory to approve the wax model before moulds could be made, I did have a few reservations. I felt the face too large, rounded and smiling. Her nose lacked character and definition. Because I was unfamiliar with the process, I had to take certain guidance from the factory. I was told that natural shrinkage in the production process and paint would lessen the effect of the smile and broadness of the face in general.
However once I received the first samples I knew that it was not going to work. The head was really out of proportion, and she looked like a child rather than a chic Parisian young woman.

A test sample to try rooting patterns of hair.

The very first hand painted Anouk prototypes.
Although I was disappointed, I tried to convince myself with a photo shoot.

My Concept art and prototype dolls and fashions.
Even though Ken clearly adored her, I knew Anouk had to be resculpted.
...but nothing worked.
I tried different face paints...

First generation pre production Anouk dolls and outfits.

To their credit, the factory resculpted the head, but now, working closely under my supervision. I am fairly certain the sculptor despised me by the end of this arduous process. This time, I knew better what the shrinkage effects would be and what to expect. After a second, third and fourth attempt, we produced a sculpt that I was very happy with. A night and day difference, one might say.
The final Sculpt

The first sculpt prototype on the left compared with the final version on the right.

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