Sunday, 7 February 2016

Anouk's wardrobe

Prototype Anouk fashions

After deciding that the clothing would be too expensive to produce via a factory, I began the search for a designer who could make beautiful clothes with a great understanding of vintage fashion. I have worked with various people over the years for my one of a kind film star dolls and I finally narrowed it down to a regular designer who I have collaborated with. For the moment she wishes to remain anonymous, but she is very well known and prolific within the doll collecting world.

With my designer, we sourced fabrics and then the fun start began. That of producing prototypes and patterns. The final selection of outfits will ensure Anouk is dressed for every occasion from formal to casual. These were all based on vintage French Caprice doll fashions.

First the swim suit which is a simple Black knit  one piece with silver sparkle flecks woven into the fabric. It is very fitted and hugs Anouk's generous curves beautifully.
The lovely swim suit is being modelled by a lovely vintage Caprice doll, who is standing in for Anouk, until she is ready.

Next the beautiful evening gown. My designer has done a brilliant job in sourcing the most lovely fabrics. 
This beautiful silver and gold variant fabric is ideal for this form fitting gown. 
Iconic of 60s style it will look absolutely beautiful on Anouk. Or any doll for that matter!

The original fashion sketch i painstakingly drew to show the fabric accurately and the finished prototype dress modelled by Caprice. 
There will also be a Gold variant. I'm not yet decided if I will accessorise it with gloves or not but for the sake of the photo I put them on. Suggestions are welcome.
I will probably use silver or white pumps for the shoes.

This lovely dress is meant to be evocative of the French Riviera, sun and fun in 1960s France. No self respecting Mod era wardrobe would exclude an André Courrèges style ensemble! And Anouk is no exception. It's clean lines and simple colour scheme are a winning combination and the little head scarf is the perfect finishing touch to keep Anouk's silken tresses back while zipping around in her Impala sports car. This is my favourite outfit from Anouk's launch  range of outfits.

The original design sketch on the left, and the second prototype on the right. the first attempt shown above was a lot more fitted and the white section was appliqued on as panels rather than a separate section as in the second version. A third version really needs to be made, combining the fit of the first version but the structure of the second sample.

Anouk's sexy lingerie set is a classic and simple design of a strapless bra, knickers and short slip. The three piece is made from white lace with a scalloped edge on the slip and small satin blue ribbon detail. It gives Anouk a very sophisticated dimension to her personality and is very flattering on her figure. Caprice doesn't look bad in it either!

Next there is this classic and simply tailored black suit. I have not yet decided if it will be a full white blouse underneath the jacket or a fooler cravat and neck tie as was common back in the 60s and will also make the jacket sit flush against Anouk's figure. 

It is a very simple design but very flattering and stylish. The suit will be lined in white satin, possibly with white gloves also. She could wear either white or Black shoes.

Lastly we have a fabulous summer dress with matching head scarf. I like this one so much I may well get it produced in variant fabrics. I had three prototypes made.


The geometric Mod print fabric is out of this world and it looks fabulous with this design. Its vivid colours that should not work together somehow do! Green, Pink, White and Orange! The effect is so striking and sharp. If I can source them, I shall team it with green shoes. Probably pumps. If not white will do nicely.

So here are the five fashions that Anouk will be launched with. They are only prototypes so the actual production outfits will be much better fitting. Caprice has done a great job modelling, but Anouk, will look better in them as they are tailored for her.

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