Sunday, 7 February 2016

Concept Art

Anouk's wardrobe is based on classic French coture and the wardrobe of her inspiration, the Caprice doll.

The next stage was to develope concept art for the factory and dress designer. I created a potrait and design sketches of her launch range of outfits and stock swimsuit, as well as to try out skin tones and hair colours. For her hair, I decided to go for a classic 60s partial ponytail like the Mod era Barbie TnT dolls had but without bangs. A whit ribbon would be the finishing touch. The clothes are based on vintage French designs for the Caprice doll. I tried to select a "capsule" wardrobe for her; an evening gown, a day dress, a summer outfit, a tailored suit and lingerie.

An early version of the Anouk potrait
The final Potrait of Anouk, renderedin coloured pencils

A computerised rendering of the launch range of  fashions.

The final drawing of the launch fashions with correct fabrics.

The swim suit and a Red head, Brunette and Blonde Anouk.
The final sketch of the swim suit Anouk with the addition of an Black version.

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