Sunday, 21 February 2016

Anouk Vintage Advertisements

Keeping with the theme of a totally vintage doll, I knew I wanted some print advertisements made that would set the tone for Anouk. Who better to model them then my very own little doll, my daughter Aanya. It took a fair amount of bribery and begging to transform her from a trendy young pre-teen into a pony tailed child from the 60s, but we got there in there in the end!

In the end there are 8 versions. Four in French and four in English. I may produce a booklet, for the dolls. If I do, I may use one of these as the cover.

The images below were taken with the first prototype dolls and outfits and at my dining room table!

Then I added the logo, and wording. I was very pleased how they turned out. They have a very vintage feel and are reminiscent of advertisements from the 1960s for dolls like Tammy, Barbie, Francie, Tressy etc. Here are the French versions:

Here are the English language versions, for the American and English markets:

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