Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Anouk's new accessories.

I am really happy I got some great accessories for the launch dolls. Some super vintage style cat eye sunglasses with white frames and blue lenses. They really give her that quintessential 1960's look! These will be used with the swim suit dolls. These will also be sold with two pairs of shoes: Some great wedgies and a pair of stylish slingbacks or heels.

To finish off the Lovely "Printemps" dress, I have some cute pink sunglasses that really compliment the outfit well.

Finally for the "Trotteur" suit, There are some great bookish reading glasses with thick black frames. Ive also added some cute white gloves to finish this ensemble off.

Swimsuit dolls



Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Anouk - Dressed for every occasion.

Here is Anouk in her stylish suit "Trotteur". I think the spectacles give her an adorable bookworm look ;-). The stock black swimsuit is teamed with heels and a cute pair of pink sunglasses. The simsuit photos also show the two hairstyles Anouk will be available with.

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Anouk - Eye Candy

Impatiently waiting for the outfits and production dolls to be delivered now. I am expecting them end of March / early April. In the meantime to keep myself occupied I did a little change around of prototype outfits and dolls today and shot a few photos.

I also dressed a few of them in some exquisite OOAK outfits I have purchased from the talented Sylvia Campbell. They call to mind the Japan market exclusive fashions that were made for dolls like Barbie, Francie and Tammy by Ideal.

Two versions of "Capri" summer dress, one in cotton drill and, the other in linen fabric.

Lovely Caucasian and black Anouk dolls model the Mod Print "Pretemps" dress.

Anouk in a OOAK Francie-esque Mod ensemble.

This beautiful evening gown is glamorous perfection. By the talented Sylvia Campbell.

Ready to Serve you! Anouk in beautifully tailored flight attendant elegance. By Sylvia Campbell.

Japan market exclusive Anouk?. Well OK, maybe not. By Sylvia Campbell again ;-)

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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Anouk goes to the Opera

The beautiful gown "Opera", which was originaly to be made in silver only, will now also come in a gold fabric variant. It will be temaed with white gloves and taupe heels. The guys at the Atelier have done such a great job in selecting fabrics. I am so thrilled with both variations. :-)

These are prototype dolls, but I do love photographing them in the Anouk packaging.

The Anouk Atelier

The Anouk Atelier has been working hard and busily turning out her lovely little outfits. The work is so meticulous, these pics reminded me of the old fairy story "The Elves and the Shoemaker". Everything falls into place slowly but surely :-). The guys have been working very hard to ensure the outfits are produced to the highest standard and quality. It has been a stressful process for all involved, but, I am very grateful for all their hard work and commitment.

The glorious "Opera" gown is cut out in Gold and Silver.

The black skirts for the suit "Trotteur"

Lining cut out for the "Opera" gowns.