Friday, 30 December 2016

Anouk in Japan

Design artwork for the Anouk in Japan fashions
So the next line of Anouk dolls are well under production. These are going to be a very limited edition issue. 100 special dolls and outfits. The concept is "Anouk in Japan". You may be with familiar with Japan market exclusives of Francie, Tammy, Skipper, and Barbie. These dolls and fashions were aimed at the Japanese market, and as such had modified face paint and fashions.
More of the Japan fashions
So it will be with Anouk. A new face paint and 7 lovely new fashions. A highlight will be the gorgeous and rich Kimono dolls. There will be 25 of them and the fabrics are incredible. Here are a few teasers of the under production booklet and dolls. Stay tuned Anouk friends!

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Anouk's "Vintage" TV spot

The dolls used in the Video
I wanted Anouk to have a vintage style video. Like the B & W TV spots dolls like Francie, Barbie and, Tammy used to have.

With the help of my tech savvy niece Riya Spreadbury, we styled and photographed several first issue Anouk dolls and her launch wardrobe.

We then shot tonnes of footage. We knew we needed lots so we could edit later.
Next, the soundtrack. I knew I needed something iconic and evocative of Anouk's personality. A chic young French girl in 60s Paris. After considering many options I settled on the theme from the 1966 film Un Homme et une Femme. Not only did it star Anouk Aimée, it is probably one of the most evocative and famous pieces of music to come out of France in the 1960s.

The result below is extremely flawed. The dolls could have been better groomed. The background is untidy. The lighting is dark, and the editing needs work. But this was a first attempt to get to grips with what was possible with the editing software and effects. I still think it is cute, and worth showing, though next time it will be far better. I hope you enjoy it!

If you are in the US, click the Flickr links above to watch. The YouTube link below only works in Europe.

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Anouk separate outfits

 When I planned Anouk, it was always my hope to sell sesperate outfits for her.
Sadly it was not possible due to production and cost issues.
Now all the first issue dolls have been sold, I have some left over stock of about 30 outfits. I have packaged them up and I think they look fantastic.
I will be selling them in the new year. Price will likely be around $30- 40 each.

#0010 Capri
#008 Opera

#0013 Lingerie

#0011 Printemps

#0012 Trotteur

#007 Swim
 I will sell these via the Anouk Facebook group and eBay. I'm also working hard on the next line of dolls. Stat tuned!

The launch range of outfits.
For all enquiries please contact Nav at

Monday, 5 December 2016

A thank you and bye for now from Anouk and I!

So the last 5 dolls sold. I am so grateful and thrilled with her success. All the planning and hard work has paid off. At this point I would like to thank several people without whom Anouk would not be possible or the success she is today. They all contributed , be it practically, creatively and emotionally. In no particular order my sincere thanks go to:

Mark Preston
Marc Bouyssou
Dal Lowenbein
Dennis Beltran
Rosina Haskell
Debbie Farne Sang
Fokke Hoekman
Sylvie at Les Poupee D'autrefois shop

Ian Price Watkins
Patricia Henry
Ernestro Padro Campos
Julian Kalinowski
Bradley Justice Yarborough
Damon Powell
Randall Craig
Joanie DelVecchio (Mrs Ponytails)
Troy Horrisberger
Sylvie Rahmani
Lilly Fall
Irene Verne
Christine Cherieux
Veronique Gilbert
Sarah Sink Eames
Jane Medefesser
Thomas Bartholamew Maffei
Veronica Sikand

It has been a very interesting experience. People I expected nothing from have surprised me with their enthusiasm and kindness. People I thought I knew and would be helpful, turned out to be negative and disappointing. You never can tell!
But all in all it has been a wonderful and positive experience.
For Anouk fans, do not fear. She WILL return. I have plenty of ideas for next year. So watch this space and look forward to a new Anouk stepping out in 2017...
Till then, take care!

For any enquiries please contact Nav at

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Farewell Anouk!

Amazingly after all the hard work gone into producing her, I suddenly realise I have all but sold out of the first issue Anouk dolls. 300 dolls. Gone! A few had gone on trades and gifts etc but I am so happy with her popularity with collectors and success. About 90% were sold via her facebook club. I had only listed 14 dolls for sale on eBay. I do feel a little bad about this now, so I have listed the very last 5 dolls on eBay. I am so grateful to you all for your interest and support of Anouk. It has been an emotional but enjoyable experience.

These are the last five dolls I have for sale. They are the high colour dolls with updated hairstyles. I only did this on the last 30 or so dolls so they are extremely rare. For more information and pics:

Anouk says: Au Revoir tout!

Anouk goes Braniff!

Like many of us I have a real fondness for flight attendant dolls. A standout in the pantheon of stewardess dolls and fashions has to be The Marx toys Braniff set. These replica's of the bright and fun uniforms sported by the Texan airline stewardesses were designed by renowned Italian designer Emilio Pucci. They incorporated fun bold colours with the the then en vogue, space age fashion trends. A wonderful rarity today, I had hoped to produce Anouk wearing this uniform but sadly after having the prototypes made by Gerry Borg and Kerstin Bergstrom, I realised they would be (for me) too costly to produce in multiple numbers.
Still I though it would be fun to share the prototypes with you here :-)

The New High Colour Anouk dolls!

Following on from the new hairstyles, I developed some even more elaborate and typically 1960s styles. To compliment these, I have given the latest Anouk dolls a much more glamorous and high colour make up with the addition of smoky eye Shadow and strong cheek blush. I think it completely changes her personality. I hope you enjoy the gallery of new look dolls below :-)

Blonde Bombshells!

Beautiful Brunettes!

Glamour Glamour Glamour!