Thursday, 15 November 2018

OOAK Anouk dolls on sale now

I have now listed the OOAK dolls on eBay. I have sold 4 of them, because I received an offer I could not refuse. In fact I had an offer on all of them, but to be fair to others who expressed interest, I have listed most on eBay.
There is also a very special ooak version of the Cocktail Party gift-set. This festfeat a red head doll, and a gold verdive of the outfit. Only one piece, and totally unique.
Good luck to those who decide to bid. Copy and paste the link below or search eBay for "Anouk doll". My eBay seller ID is navsikand2bvj:

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

One of a kind Anouk doll advert

The special one of a kind Anouk dolls I have been working on are finally ready. These special dolls will have the added feature of applied eye lashes. Releasing this week. For all enquiries contact me at:

Sunday, 4 November 2018

Japan Exclusive inspired Anouk dolls

The dolls are getting new hairstyles, not being tortured!

I've been working on some special ooak Anouk dolls based on some of the Barbie and Francie Japan market exclusives.
The dolls will feature special hairstyles.
They will be ready soon😊

The outfits are not exact replicas. Different fabrics have been uded for example.

They will feature accessories like hats, gloves and hose.

Purses and hat boxes are de regeur of course😊

I will post pics of these special beauties when they are finished😊