Saturday, 28 May 2016

Whats in a name?

Genuine Anouk clothing will have these beautiful damask woven labels, which mirror the Anouk logo. I have had these commissioned by a great company here in the UK. As the old advertising campaigns for vintage dolls used to proclaim: "Do not accept imitations" So it is with Anouk and her mini couture ;-)

Anouk's clothing turned inside out to reveal the labels.

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Anouk gets some personal attention.

Beautiful Brunette Anouk heads await assembly at the factory

So we are almost there! The factory sent me these fascinating pics of Anouk being rooted, cut and styled. I love the way each doll gets pampered and the personal touch. There will be two hairstyles, one long and one short though I may do unique hairstyles on some dolls also.
 It has been a long drawn out process but this means that Anouk will be perfect. To all of the people that pre-ordered their Anouk dolls, I am very grateful for their patience and kindness. Not long now!

 Anouk will be releasing in June 2016. Sales will be directly with myself, but I may list some dolls on eBay also. There are only 300 production dolls and a good number have already been sold on pre-order.
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Monday, 2 May 2016

Anouk's Fashion Parade

Anouk sporting some nifty Mod era style Flight attendant fashions by Monsieur Z.

To demonstrate that Anouk is truly versatile, I worked on a photo shoot of her modelling the clothes of other vintage fashion dolls. Anouk's proportions are a cross between Barbie and Francie. She is slightly shorter than Barbie, with a smaller bust and curvier hips. However because she is not anorexic and skinny, she can fill out Barbie's clothes well enough, even though she is a little more diminutive than Queen B.

The following photos show Anouk dressed in Monsieur Z, Vintage Barbie, Tressy, Francie, and generic vintage clone clothing from the 1960s. As you will see, they fit Anouk very well. Although you may need to wiggle very fitted garments over her generous hips! But they will fit :-)

In Barbie's Pan Am outfit
In Barbie's Student Teacher
In Barbie's Invitation to Tea

In a vintage Barbie dress.
In Francie's It's a Date.

In Francie's Wild Bunch outfit

In a clone version of Francie's Gad Abouts
In a Hong Kong Lilli clone dress

In a vintage Tressy outfit, Surprise Party.
In a brocade dress for HK Lilli

In Tressy's Executive Sweet
In Tressy's Evening Date outfit

A becoming Beehive
In Barbie's Evening Splendour

Anouk in aTressy dress, After Six
Bookish, yet glamorous!
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