Saturday, 20 July 2019

Anouk series 4 booklet and film

The series 4 promo film are well into production. Fokke Hoekman and Cristian Gradin are doing a sterling job as they have from day one. Eric Chattillion is providing excellent suggestions and help with French language and cultural references.
The emphasis is on presenting Anouk's new look, in a different and exciting way.

Monday, 8 July 2019

Anouk series 4 fashion illustrations

I'm almost ready to launch series 4 now. Here is a first look at the illustrations of the 10 outfits in the series. These are quite a different look for Anouk.
They are inspired by the wardrobe of Marianne Faithful in the 1968 film Girl on a motorcycle. The clothes were designed by Lanvin, Paris.
There is a range of styles, from mini skirts, leather looks, a nightgown, sports wear, and an evening ensemble.

Anouk centrepiece dolls at LFDF

So the special edition of 10 Anouk dolls were released today at the London fashion doll festival. The wonderful stands were by Claudio Turrubiates . The great accompanying artwork was by Servando Hernandez. Dolls by me, dresses by Ineke Hintz, and accessories by Rosina Haskell

Mark and I had a lot of work to do getting all the components together, and then grooming the dolls for each table. I couldn't have done it without him!