Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Anouk gets a great review from Suresh!

Anouk received an amazing review by the irrepressible and celebrated Suresh Seneveratne. Suresh is very well known, and followed in the collecting world. It is truly an honour for Anouk to be reviewed by him. Thank you so much for your wonderful review Suresh.❤️

I sent him a Blond ponytail Anouk in her pique-nique outfit, and a Brunette sidepart with flip hairstyle in her Cocktail dress. Suresh totally got them, and researched very thoroughly for the review. He is so effervescent and a natural comic, so his views are always a delight:


Some stills from the review:

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Sunday, 3 June 2018

Something new for Anouk

There won't be a series 4 Anouk this year. It will likely be next year.
For the rest of this year there will be some special release dolls.
Here's some artwork and photos for the new dolls...stay tuned😊

For all enquiries contact Nav, at navsikand@aol.com.