Saturday, 18 May 2019

Patterns and accessories!

New accessories and footwear designed for, and produced exclusively for Anouk.
The patterns for series 4 are well underway also.

Friday, 17 May 2019

Series 4 Anouk - in production!

Unbelievably it's been over one year since series 3 sold out. So, it is time for series 4! It is in production now. Whilst I can't reveal all yet, I'll tell you a few things:
Anouk will have new hairstyles, new make up and, of course, a new themed wardrobe of ten outfits.
The outfits are inspired by one of the oldest and most prolific French fashion houses, Lanvin. In the late 60s they designed a wonderful series of outfits for a popular young singer/actress. The series 4 outfits will be based on these designs.
Below are images of some of Lanvin's designs. I'm not replicating any of these specifically, but it's gives an idea of the character and flavour of series 4.