Saturday, 19 November 2016

Farewell Anouk!

Amazingly after all the hard work gone into producing her, I suddenly realise I have all but sold out of the first issue Anouk dolls. 300 dolls. Gone! A few had gone on trades and gifts etc but I am so happy with her popularity with collectors and success. About 90% were sold via her facebook club. I had only listed 14 dolls for sale on eBay. I do feel a little bad about this now, so I have listed the very last 5 dolls on eBay. I am so grateful to you all for your interest and support of Anouk. It has been an emotional but enjoyable experience.

These are the last five dolls I have for sale. They are the high colour dolls with updated hairstyles. I only did this on the last 30 or so dolls so they are extremely rare. For more information and pics:

Anouk says: Au Revoir tout!

Anouk goes Braniff!

Like many of us I have a real fondness for flight attendant dolls. A standout in the pantheon of stewardess dolls and fashions has to be The Marx toys Braniff set. These replica's of the bright and fun uniforms sported by the Texan airline stewardesses were designed by renowned Italian designer Emilio Pucci. They incorporated fun bold colours with the the then en vogue, space age fashion trends. A wonderful rarity today, I had hoped to produce Anouk wearing this uniform but sadly after having the prototypes made by Gerry Borg and Kerstin Bergstrom, I realised they would be (for me) too costly to produce in multiple numbers.
Still I though it would be fun to share the prototypes with you here :-)

The New High Colour Anouk dolls!

Following on from the new hairstyles, I developed some even more elaborate and typically 1960s styles. To compliment these, I have given the latest Anouk dolls a much more glamorous and high colour make up with the addition of smoky eye Shadow and strong cheek blush. I think it completely changes her personality. I hope you enjoy the gallery of new look dolls below :-)

Blonde Bombshells!

Beautiful Brunettes!

Glamour Glamour Glamour!