Saturday, 4 June 2016

Anouk - Pre-Order madness!!!

So finally the factory have sent the pre- ordered dolls so I can get them out to all the patient clients who had ordered their Anouk dolls in advance. This is also my first opportunity to see the beautiful production dolls . I had a slight fear that the production dolls would not match the charm of the prototype sample dolls but they actually do. Each one has her own charming personality just as I had wished. The various skin tones and hair shades are exquisite and there are so many interesting variations, depending on what they are dressed in.

It took three solid days to style, dress, and assemble each package with the relevant accessories, booklets etc but it was finally done and all the dolls went out Thursday, Friday and Saturday (today) this week.
Shipping them out I realised how Anouk has gone Global :-) The packages went out to:

The Netherlands
New Zealand

Including England that is 11 countries. I am a happy man indeed :-) :-) I will now of course, be on tenterhooks to hear from my clients! Watch this space!

First I checked off the outfits against the stock spreadsheets

Then I had to pack the accessories for each outfit

Then to style and dress the dolls themselves

Then packaging, booklets and labels

Capri, Printemps, Lingerie and Trotteur

Opera in both Gold and Silver versions

Capri, Lingerie, and Printemps

Trotteur dolls


Capri girls

More ladies in Opera

A beautiful Titian sporting Anouk's short pageboy hairstyle.

#007 "Swim" dolls

Fianally packed them up in their shipping tubes, ready to fly to their new homes :-)